Clearer Journey

What's Inside

AI Acne Analyzer

Powered by artificial intelligence. The system analyzes the severity of your acne in seconds.

FREE on website and mobile app.

Plant-based Balm

Plant-based non-antibiotic solution to fight acne. Perfect for you if regular acne treatment does not work.

Start from $49 per month

Weekly Checkup Chatbot

Get weekly checkup for 8 weeks on your progress on acne and personalized coaching.

FREE on website and mobile app.

Personalized Lifesyle Advice

Reset your habits on food, sleep, beauty routine and mindfulness to be on the faster track to fight acne.

FREE on mobile app.

Why Clearer Journey?

Because you deserve bettter. Our team member had acne too. We make acne less sucks. Get plant-based acne fighting balm, AI analyzer to monitor your progress and personalized lifestyle advice to put you on a fatser track to get rid of acne.


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